Sunday, May 3, 2009

3 months and counting

The girls are getting bigger and over 10 pounds, they are eating baby food and cereal along with their formula. The reflux has all but disappeared and I think that it had to do with the preemie formula that they were on for the first month or so. We still use thickener just to be on the safe side with the spit up. They are full of smiles and silent talking and seem to want to laugh very soon.

We have had a busy spring so far...we visited Shannon in Batesville about a month ago and last weekend as well as this weekend Shannon and her family have come to visit here, it has been awesome spending time with my other family....they are as close as my own as anyone could ever get and I love them all. We went to Jim's mom's a few weeks ago and then again this weekend and it is so relaxing for me when we go there as I hand her the babies and say goodnight....This prooves to be the best sleep that I have had since their births. We picked up their new swings this weekend and it is nice to be able to swing them both at the same time because until now we only had the one that Mom and Tony had brought 2 months ago. On the way home today we went by the graveyards in Missouri where Jim's family is buried and took pics as well as decorated his brothers grave as today would have been his 32nd birthday.

We plan to make a few more trips this summer and as of yet nothing is set in stone.

Things are getting easier as the girls get bigger and I am excited for the milestones that are in the near future.

My summer courses start June 1st and I am excited to be using my brain again for something other than baby formulas and diaper fullness. Online this summer means that I have yet to figure out how to get out of this house everyday..I am not losing any of this weight...I think I will need to just leave every afternoon and make it a point to walk around the block or something...Jim lost his job at the liquor store when it shut down last month.

love to u all


UPDATE: There is something wrong with our van, we are not sure the guy at the tire shop said that it was a blown head gasket and the estimate that we got to fox it was 1300.00 RYK...we might as well just get another vehicle for that price or an entire new motor...I have no idea what we are going to do just yet,.,.,,Jim seems to think that it is not a head gasket as he has mechanic friends and they dont think that is what it is...well I guess we will see...this puts off any traveling that I had planned this coming month or so.

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